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Toxins are the biggest obstacle to you getting your health back.

Until you:

1. stop new toxins coming into your body

2. get the accumulated toxins out, and

3. clean up your food and environment to stop future toxicity

It won't matter what you eat, how much you exercise, or how many supplements you swallow - you won't heal.

This is the piece most people ignore or don't understand. This is the piece that's missing.

Before I realised I needed to detox, I had been stuck for years in a vicious cycle of trying to eat healthier, and spending endless money and time searching for that 'one thing' that would fix everything.

But I continued to get worse and worse, until I was in real health trouble.

Then I finally decided I needed to get serious about getting my health back, and I started detoxing. That was the day I started healing. That's when everything changed!

If you're doing everything BUT detoxing (and we'll get to what real detoxing is in a sec) - you're eating better, you're taking supplements, you're exercising and doing yoga, etc - you're trying to push a boulder up a hill.

The toxins are gravity - it's the opposite force of what you're trying to do. It's invisible, and imperceptible, but it's there, stopping you from moving forward.

You may make a little bit of progress with eating better or yoga, but eventually you'll hit a plateau,  or start rolling backwards again.

Detoxing is where the real breakthroughs can happen.

If you're serious about getting you're health back, you need to take detoxing seriously.

Do any of these sucky SYMPTOMS sound familiar?

Fatigue & feeling tired

Joint pain

Sleep problems

Sinus congestion, sinus problems & post nasal drip

Red, watery eyes

Autoimmune Conditions


Chronic Inflammation

Skin problems – eczema, rashes, psoriasis, acne

Digestive problems - constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhoea, pain

Brain fog & difficulty concentrating

Weight gain & inability to lose weight


Leaky Gut

Headaches & Migraines

Edema (water retention)


Chronic Pain

These are ALL signs & symptoms that you are TOXSICK!

I had 98% of these symptoms.

It was only when I got to the ROOT CAUSE - toxins and healing the gut - that I was finally able to heal.

Toxins are the ROOT CAUSE of your health issues.


Toxins being ingested and destroying the gut lining and the gut flora balance (killing off good bacteria, allowing bad bacteria to proliferate) are a causing factor in leaky gut and digestive issues.

This imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut, as well as bacterial infections, yeast problems, and parasites (more common than you think!) all have toxic by-products that are produced when they feed, as well as when they die.

Leaky gut is a well known pathway for most disease today, and it's actually a prerequisite for developing an autoimmune disease.

That means that toxins are actually one of the main ROOT CAUSES of autoimmune conditions.

It also means detoxing is essential to healing them.


We’re constantly told that inflammation is the root cause of illness. But what causes inflammation? Toxins.

Inflammation is actually just the immune systems response to injury. So what's causing the injury? Toxins.

Toxins come into the body, irritate and injure the cells, and cause inflammation as a response. That's the mechanism for most disease today!

Then you have the stored toxins in the cells of the body that bioaccumulate and are extremely irritating to the cells, and because they are always there, they’re chronic. You need to get rid of these chemicals and heavy metals inside the cells.

How do you know if YOU need to detox?

There is no-one on this planet that doesn't need to detox! And especially if you're not in 100% health and waking up feeling amazing everyday - you NEED to detox. It's not optional.

We’re bombarded with chemicals, heavy metals and biotoxins from every angle - all of which are causing us to become sick, but we don’t know it’s happening because it’s not instantaneous and it’s invisible.

Our food supply is loaded with these chemicals and toxins, and even if you’re trying to eat healthier you’re still being poisoned by conventional fruit and veggies which are heavily sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, waxes, grown in artificial fertilisers which produce seriously lacking produce, and possibly GMO.

None of us have escaped the chemical warfare of the last century, even if we eat healthy, clean, organic food NOW.

Detoxing is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity.

And that's even more true if you're trying to get your health back.

You’ve probably:

  • eaten conventional produce for years with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides.
  • drunk tap water (and been exposed to fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals and industrial run-off).
  • worn perfume.
  • died your hair.
  • worn makeup.
  • cleaned with chemicals.
  • used toothpaste.
  • used deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc.
  • had medication and antibiotics at some point before.
  • cooked with teflon or aluminium.
  • drunk alcohol.
  • drunk out of a plastic water bottle.
  • been around incense or air fresheners.
  • been around people who smoke before (and possibly tried it yourself, you rebel you).
  • up your gas tank.
  • breathed air.


… and I’ve only just touched the surface.

This is the first time in human history we’ve been exposed to all of these chemicals, especially the tens of thousands of synthetic and industrial chemicals that are everywhere today.

We now have over 20,000 man-made chemical combinations introduced in our direct environment over the last 60 years that we have never had before, and it’s increasing every day.

When you’re healing, detoxing is not something that is going to take a week and be done with. It’s also not just about whether you’re currently eating good or bad – it’s about the stored toxins wreaking havoc, as well as the continual exposure to environmental toxins.

No one is escaping this.

If you're not at 100% health - then it is affecting you. You're one of the people who has reached their toxic tipping point, and you're body can no longer cope and detox properly.

You need to remove these sources of exposure, STAT!

But... all those detoxes are pretty mental right?

I mean... detox water? Teatox? Lemon water in the morning? Master cleanse? Juice fasting? WATER FASTING (OMG shoot me now)!

That's not REAL, powerful detoxing.

Detoxing has become one of the most misunderstood factors and healing today, mostly because it became an over-used hype word for selling juice and smoothie cleanses, tea, quick fixes and false dreams, yet it's one of the most crucial factors for getting you're health back.

There's a MASSIVE difference between "doing a detox" and "detoxing".

Detoxing is a longer-term healing game plan.

It’s a strategy to deeply heal the body, to remove all the built up toxins – the plastics, chemicals, toxic metals.

It’s a part of a bigger healing strategy that involves diet, emotions and the detoxing work that HAS to happen in order to get better.

Think about those nasty chemicals for a second that we’re being exposed to.

The ones that bio-accumulate in the tissues of the body. The plastics, the phthalates, the pesticides, the DDT, the chemicals, the toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic that are in the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat.

(And PS. These chemicals have been found in polar bears – if the polar bears in the arctic haven’t escaped – you haven’t either!)

A 7 Day Juice Cleanse Won't Heal You!

7 day juice cleanses don't work.

Everyone and their cat is running juice cleanses, because people like a quick fix. And it pisses me off.

Because I was sold that. And it’s a LIE.

And everytime that shit didn’t work, it broke my heart. I’d feel depressed, I’d feel hopeless, and I would end up angry at MYSELF for “failing” yet again.

Detox Done Different is not a one-size-fits-all 3-day, 7-day, 21-day detox plan.

Because that’s not even necessary.

What is necessary is figuring out what food works for you, incorporating detox strategies that suit your body, removing as many sources of toxic exposure in your home, beauty, life, food as possible and doing this for a longer period of time, changing things as your body changes.

Real detoxing takes time

Do you think all those toxins are going to be released by the body in a week, or even two or three?

No, they’re not.

The body doesn’t let go of these toxins easily. There’s a reason your body has stored them away safely, usually in fat cells – because they are super toxic to your body.

The body will only let go of these toxins when it knows that it has the energy to see the entire process through – when the liver can cope with it.

This process takes time.

It takes time to build the body up nutritionally, to build up strength, it takes time to start detoxing those deeper and deeper layers.

It might be a bit annoying because you have to do a little experimenting and detective work to see what suits you – but it’s the strategy that will actually, truly, deeply heal you long-term.

This is detoxing done differently (hence the name!) than you’ve ever seen it before. This is detoxing that actually works.

  • You don't have to not eat food to detox.
  • You don't need to starve yourself.
  • You don't need to torture yourself.
  • You don't need weird ingredients or supplements.
  • You don't need a $300 "cleansing kit".
  • You don't need a special tea or exotic herbs from China.

You can detox while eating REAL food!

Yeah you heard me right. REAL food!

The detox strategies I'm going to teach you actually have mostly nothing to do with food.

As long as you're eating real, whole foods that aren't toxic - it's good!

And then we use these detoxing techniques to help the body shed those stored toxins.

Wait... Doesn't the body naturally detox itself?

This is the most common argument against detoxing – the body is designed to detox itself, we don’t need to do anything.

That’s true. The body is designed to naturally detox. Back when we were living in caves, the biggest thing we had to worry about was eating a toxic berry or getting a spider bite, or eating some charred food.

Now, we’re dealing with 70,000+ man made chemicals released into the air, into our water supply and the ocean – which all end up on our farms growing our food, and into the food supply.

These are NOT natural chemicals, and metals that are NOT in natural amounts.

We live in an incredibly toxic world that our bodies have not had time to evolve to handle AND the “food” most people are eating (and that we’ve all eaten for many years at some point, too) is extremely deficient in any real nutrients.

The chemicals and metals in our food, air and water supply are a HUGE problem. They cause so much damage to the body, and not just on one system of the body, but on EVERY SINGLE system in the body.

And the cascade effects from that damage is mind blowing.

These toxins damaging our cells and decreasing cellular fluidity, our cells aren’t able to clean and release the waste products like they normally do. Plus, this damage to cells creates a cascade effect of problems – the cells can’t make energy or get nutrients in. Our lymph system gets backed up and isn’t draining properly.

These toxins damage the intestinal lining, helping to create leaky gut, which creates overgrowth of pathogens like bad bacteria, fungus, candida and other yeast, parasites, and mold. These pathogens actually make waste by-products of their own that are toxic to us.

A damaged and leaky gut creates FOOD SENSITIVITIES. Those food sensitivities act as toxins inside the body and cause even more damage.

Leaky gut also let’s these toxins past the digestive system and into the bloodstream, where they can be transported all over the body and even make it past the blood-brain barrier.

Now, our livers are overloaded and struggling to cope with all the toxins coming from every angle.

When I was super sick, I knew my liver was suffering. I started waking up everyday not only with on-fire-but-frozen feeling of inflammation, but also feeling like I had a hangover. And I mean, a real, legitimate hangover even thought I hadn’t drunk the night before.

In fact, I had stopped drinking because I was starting to have really bad reactions to alcohol.

The feeling of a hangover is the feeling of your liver being poisoned and struggling to cope.

I also developed multiple chemical sensitivity, where being around any kind of chemicals like perfume, smoke, or cleaning products made me feel physically sick almost instantly. That’s your liver being overloaded.


  1. we’re collecting toxins since conception from our mother (through the placenta)
  2. we’re collecting toxins every single day, living our normal lives in the world
  3. the toxins are damaging our cells and we’re unable to release normal cellular waste products
  4. all this toxicity is damaging our guts
  5. a damaged gut is the perfect environment for pathogens to proliferate, and they release even more toxicity to the system
  6. a damaged gut creates food sensitivities, which act like toxins in the body, harming normal cells
  7. a damaged gut lets these toxins throughout the entire body, and past the blood-brain barrier
  8. our liver is damaged, overloaded and unable to cope
  9. and we’re still being exposed to toxins everyday…
  10. You are TOXSICK.


This is chronic illness.

And this is the vicious cycle you need to break in order to heal.


We’re already touched on the liver being overloaded and not working properly, but the other elimination channels get backed up to.

So many people today have constipation and aren’t going to the bathroom as much as they should, leading to waste matter and toxins backing up in the colon, putrefying and creating more toxicity.

Sweat is also another major detox channel, but due to toxic skin products, tight and synthetic clothing, and bathing in toxic water, most people’s skin is damaged, inactive and clogged up, and wearing antiperspirants which block sweating.

Our lungs struggle because we don’t breath properly, our lymph system doesn’t get exercised, our blood is not circulating properly and is congested, we don’t drink enough water so the kidneys aren’t being flushed.

So we’re getting toxins that we were NEVER supposed to be exposed to in excess amounts, and our elimination is compromised.

That’s why we need to detox – and that’s why our body can no longer do it on it’s own, in the environment we live in today.

We need to help our elimination organs, get rid of toxic exposures, and detox all the accumulated toxins out of the body.

When does the breakthrough come?

How long have you been waiting for your BIG HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH?

The one that will change everything. Maybe you've been hoping that breakthrough is green smoothies, a plant-based or paleo diet, sugar-free, gluten-free, essential oils, a supplement or a vitamin.

It seems like there's always someone who found that ONE THING that fixed their health problems. And it was always overnight, after the first time or the first day.

I remember spending YEARS looking for that one thing. Every week, I had a new 'one thing' that I was trying, that I was putting all my hopes into, that was going to change everything.

But every single time I would only end up disappointed, disheartened, and depressed. After that thing didn't work, I'd once again go back to feeling frustrated and stuck. I would be lost again, until I found the next 'one thing' to grab on to. It was a vicious cycle.

Sometimes I'd feel a little better, but in the bigger picture of my health, I was on a downward spiral and couldn't find the brakes.

I was trying everything. I was putting all of my money into every new thing I came across. I was spending all of my time researching. And all the while, my health problems were starting to get seriously bad now.

I didn't know how much longer I could hold on - I was at the end of my rope.

How much longer could I hold on?

I was desperate. I just wanted to get better. I just wanted to feel good again.

Health seemed so easy for everyone else around me - and they were all eating junk food! I was eating healthier than anyone else I knew, but it looked like I was sneaking chocolate and cookies all day long (and I felt like it too!).

I just wanted to be normal like them. I was putting all of my time, money and effort into eating healthy, doing all the right things, yet I continued to feel worse and get sicker. They were eating whatever they wanted to and were fine. It just didn't seem fair.

I felt like we were living in different worlds. But now I get why it wasn't affecting them - their bodies were able to detoxify properly. For now at least, their body was able to keep up with the toxic tidal wave.

Everyone eventually reaches their toxic tipping point, and mine seems like it was tipped before I was even born. I realised my body was past it's tipping point, and that without a conscious strategy on my part, it wasn't going to be able to correct itself.

Why aren't you better yet?

Think about it. You've put SO much time into it. You've put SO much money into it. You've put SO much effort into it.

So why aren't you getting better?

Why is nothing ever working?

Why aren't you ever getting anywhere with it?

It's because you're focusing on a one thing at a time strategy. Doing one little thing here. One little thing there.

But think about it - it took you YEARS, decades probably to get to the health state you're in today.

Do you really think one little supplement, or even a slightly bigger diet change is going to undo the damage?

When we reach our toxic tipping point, it takes a conscious effort, a conscious and deliberate strategy to remove the toxins from our cells and get them out of the body safely. It takes a conscious and deliberate effort to FLOOD the body with nutrients so it can repair and undo the deficiencies.

There is no ONE supplement, vitamin or diet change that can fix you. This 'one thing at a time' strategy doesn't work. You've tried it, and you've proven that.

The real secret to deep & true healing: addressing all of these things at the same time.

Detoxing, while flooding the body with nutrients, while removing toxic food and food sensitivities and figuring out what foods suits your body at this time - while ALSO addressing emotional and mental toxins.

The body can't heal in separate parts - it heals everything at the same time.

You need to cut out the fluffy crap. Stop wasting time and money on things that at best barely move the needle, or at worst do nothing at all.

You're wasting time and money not really committing and not taking action on the strategies that actually produce BIG results - and get you better.

How can I get better already?

I thought to get better I just needed to eat vegan, or gluten-free, or do green smoothies, and a little bit of yoga. If I could just get my diet "perfect" (according to some wellness guru), then everything would sort itself out.

If only I could find that one nutrient I'm missing.

Maybe if I just worked out more (even though I was exhausted all the time - although investing in personal training might fix that issue, right?).

Maybe raw food?  Maybe one of those magic cure-all supplements like spirulina?

I invested so much money in things that are literally collecting dust today - like my dehydrator ($400), like my Vita Mix ($1000) (green smoothies don't fix everything). Like the boxes of supplements I ended up chucking out. Like the gene profiling I spent close to $700 on.

Not to mention the years of weekly naturopath visits - while I continued to get worse.

It's painful to think about all the money I wasted before I really understood what I needed to do to heal. Even more painful is to think about the time I wasted, and how much worse I got during that time I was wasting. I could have saved myself a lot of pain, had I known this then.


Detoxing is not a quick fix.

I know you've tried a million things already and you've felt disappointed and disheartened when following one of the healthy diets didn't fix you, when the Naturopaths supplements didn't do anything, when the cleanses that are supposed to make you shit out rainbows make you want to murder people, when cutting out grains or gluten wasn't a magic fix like everyone tells you.

You feel worse than before, because the hope is gone and now you're left sad, stuck and frustrated - more lost than ever because you don't know what to do next.

Detoxing is not a quick fix.

It’s not a magic potion or a supplement someone is trying to sell - it's the real deal healing that only seems to be kept to the quiet corners of the natural healing world. That the holistic doctors who are healing people are talking about, but no one else.

Detoxing is not as sexy as raw food, as plant-based diets, as green smoothies or yoga. It's not a short-term, 7-day juice cleanse that is simple to sell.

Things have only not worked in the past because you always looking for that 'one thing' to fix you.

But by focusing all the pieces of the bigger health picture - detox, diet and emotions - you can heal you're body like never before.

Detoxing is the really deep, long-term healing work that no-one is really willing to do.

But I know that you are. You want to get better than anything else in the world. You're scared, but willing. You're still here, reading!

Even if you think you’re living ‘clean’ - there’s STILL toxins interfering with your health. There are so many places that people don’t think where they are actually being slowly poisoned with toxins.

Plus there are the persistent toxins - the one’s that get stored in your cells and take years to get out, even with a focused detox strategy. Things like heavy metals and plastics, they stay in your cells and stop them function properly, literally TOX-BLOCKING you from getting better.

The body cannot fully, deeply heal while still carrying a toxic load. Releasing these toxins significally reduces the burden on our organs and helps the liver do it's job properly.

Healing is natural, illness is not. What is blocking you from healing?

When we look at the bigger picture, healing is actually really simple (simple, but not necessarily easy!).

I've got less headaches, less bloating, less aches and pains.

"I've got less headaches, less bloating, less aches and pains. The most progress is with my mindset. I'm stressing less about the detox process and just allowing it to happen. I'm allowing myself to have days where I just relax and don't do anything and I'm learning how to take things slowly and not going all guns blazing!"

- Ann Martin

This has been an amazing experience to connect with my body.

"My mind feels clearer. I feel more certain about myself and my goals. My body feels cleaner and I am more aware of how I feel in my body. This has been an amazing experience to connect with my body. I know people who really don't listen at all to their body and they live in pain. I have directed people to your website all ready. Just a great big thank you! You have done a fantastic job and knowing there are others out there like me has made me feel more relaxed about myself. It's nice to have a place to go to talk about my health in detail."

- Theresa King


  • you are sick of feeling sick
  • you are constantly feeling crap with headaches, brain fog, mood swings, weight problems
  • you're tired all the time
  • you've got gut issues
  • you have an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness
  • you want to get better more than anything but don't know what to do next
  • you want to wake up feel amazing and energized every single day
  • you know you need a bigger picture approach to fixing your health problems
  • you want to detox and get all of the chemicals, the heavy metals, the biotoxins OUT of your life for good
  • you think you don't have TIME or MONEY to detox and really heal
  • you think you're not committed enough or don't have enough discipline to detox and heal
  • you don't want information overload you want SIMPLE and SOLID STRATEGIES and steps to fix things
  • you want to get your life back
  • you're sick of nothing ever working and getting your hopes up, only to be disappointed
  • you need a support system to keep you moving forward and motivated
  • you don't want a one-size-fits all detox plan but a way to figure out what is healing for YOU


  • It was 5 years ago that I was diagnosed with celiac and my health spiral began - I would have KILLED for this information back then.
  • I had about 3 or 4 huge breakdown during my healing adventure, and one of my first big breakthroughs was figuring out and starting detoxing.
  • The breakthrough of detoxing is something that I want every single person with health issues to get and to experience.
  • Detoxing changed my health and it changed my life. And when I married it with the diet side of things - I FINALLY started healing.
  • I spent 5 years going at a snails pace figuring all of this out on my own, researching and reading endlessly to find it, and I wish someone just handed it all to me in an easy-to-digest platter like this.
  • Detoxing helped me get rid of the brain fog, the inflammation and the headaches I woke up with everyday, so I could actually function like a normal human being again!
  • I LOVE the research bit, and thats how I'm able to find information that is hard to find, whereas everyone else is just skimming the surface of regurgitated and repeated health info. I go for the REAL-DEAL-HEALING stuff.
  • I LOVE the healing adventure and watching myself and the girls I coach COME ALIVE AGAIN is the most amazing thing in the entire world. It's magical.
  • I want to show you that you CAN heal, even if you have little money, little time and really no matter what your circumstances are. No excuses, just small steps of progress in whatever capacity you have right now.
  • I want this to be your go-to home of detoxing. This program will continue to grow, and you will always have the support system of the other girls inside DDD.

I'm going to show you how to figure out what works and is right for your body, because we are all so different! We need to figure out what works for each of us, and I have a few tools that I use to help you talk to your body.

This is where my method of tracking everything comes in!

You would be amazing at how valuable this little exercise is!

Especially when it comes to brain fog - it's incredible the amount of stuff we actually forget.

This is how you keep making progress! (and realising how much progress you're actually making)

But most importantly - it's to help you figure out exactly what is working and what is not!

Trying, tracking + intuition + testing your body (I will also be teaching how I self-test things) = you find what works for you!

My tried and tracked method is designed to help you connect with your body and learn to listen to what it's saying. You're body already knows what it needs to heal, you just need to learn to hear it.

How do you feel after eating?

What should you do next?

Is that food good for you? Bad for you?

How do you know you're head from your heart?

Once you learn to hone the skills of intuition and listening to your body - you'll know exactly what you need to do next to heal.

Did you know you can react to food up to FOUR DAYS after you ate it! How would you ever know if you weren't tracking?

I'll be teaching my tried and tracked method inside Detox Done Different! (as well as my self-testing method and intuition honing!)

little TIME?

No-one has all the spare time in the world to focus on health - me included. I was also studying to become a health coach, running my business, and spending time with my family and partner and all the usual stuff of life.

It's about priorities. Is you're priority getting your health back?

There is NEVER a perfect time for anything.

And when it comes to you're health, NOW is the perfect time. Because the longer you wait, the worse it gets and the harder (and longer) it is to heal.

If we don't have our health, we have nothing.

No social life.

No progress in relationships.

No progress in career, or our finances.

We're not able to do the things we want to, to achieve what we want to achieve.

If you want more children or to start a family, you MUST have your health sorted out before then (or you're risking a healthy pregnancy and child).

If you want to fall in love, you need to feel alive and vibrant and good to find your match.

If you want to start a business or study, you need your brain to function, you need to have energy to things done.

You are not you're best self when you're sick. I know what it's like - you don't even really feel like the real you.

When you feel like crap, you're moody, your irritable, you're down, deflated, depressed, heavy and stuck - and everyone around you suffers. Your relationships suffer. You don't want to go out.

Moving forward and creating the life we want isn't possible without our health.

Nothing works properly in our life without our health.

Everything stops and becomes stagnant.

Health NEEDS to be your #1 priority until you get it back (and even after that to stay there!).

You know that without it life won't be what you want it to be.

Health makes everything possible. It feels like anything is possible when you have you're health behind you.

You get to enjoy every part of this incredible and beautiful life.

You get to dream big - and you have the energy and the mental clarity to ACHIEVE those dreams!

Everything is possible.

Ask yourself this - if not now, when?

When will it be the 'right' time? When will you be able to find the time to focus on your health?

The answer is never. There's only now. You can't put your health off.

Whatever time you have right now, use that to heal. Do what you can with what you have right now.

Don't use time as an excuse for staying stuck anymore.

There's always enough time for the things that really matter - and your health matters. It's all we have.

little $$$?

Believe me I get it!

I was so sick that I couldn't work full-time, so I had to get by on savings and whatever graphic design work came my way.

It was infuriatingly frustrating - I was too sick to work, and I had no money to try things to get better.

I struggled for so long in this impossible catch-22.

So I did the only thing I could, I did the little that I could afford and I made sure I was spending my money in the most important places for healing.

I couldn't afford to do all the supplements I wanted to, I couldn't afford to go to fancy functional medicine doctors and get the tests I wanted to, I couldn't afford to try things that I found.

I had to be really smart with the money I had and invest it wisely.

I had to bide my time on some things, I had to play the slow and steady game.

I often had to wait months to have the money to try that next thing.

But how much money are you wasting right now on things that aren't working?

On supplements that you're not even sure are doing anything?

On vitamins and herbs and Naturopath medicine that ends up sitting in a box in the cupboard?

On health things that are just giving you temporary relief (but not actually healing anything)?

Most of the things people are doing, it's just because they're scared to not do them anymore, not because they're actually helping to fix the problem.

Learn to spend your money wisely - on things that actually work! That are actually healing you at a deep level. Things that are the most powerful!

No $$$ is NO excuse! Do whatever you can with whatever you have RIGHT NOW!

So much of the stuff I recommend is actually not that expensive - and I always provide other options and alternative ways to do all of this stuff (because I know what it's like to not be able to afford it!)

I also found one thing that was more powerful for detoxing and making me feel better than anything else I tried, and that I could cheaply and safely at home... COFFEE ENEMAS!

coffee enemas?

Coffee enemas saved my life.

I know they did. Alone, the didn’t completely heal me. But when nothing else was working, and I was getting worse every day no matter what I did (I was eating healthy, ‘clean’, gluten-free, plant-based, drinking green smoothies - the works) coffee enemas helped turn my sinking ship around.

And once I figured out all the other pieces - the diet, the nutrition, the right supplements, removing the toxblocks (the hidden toxins in my life) - my healing SKYROCKETED.

Coffee enemas are THE most powerful way to detoxify and let the body heal that I know of.

Coffee enemas are essential to transforming your health in a dramatic way - because they give dramatic results.

The smartest and most advanced holistic doctors in the world are using and recommending coffee enemas - and you should too.

There is nothing else in the world that produces the incredible therapeutic effects and life-changing results that coffee enemas do - and it can be done cheaply, easily and safely in your own home.

I get it - coffee enemas are scary. They're not the kind of thing that you just jump right into. They're the kind of thing you avoid and mock and ignore for years until you get so bad you have no choice but to try them. Don't wait for that day (or if you're already there, don't wait another day).



Information overwhelm. Brain circuits frying. When you're getting into the nitty gritty of things, it all seems so complicated. And then everyone has a different opinion. And then you're really confused.

The worst part about all of this is that sometimes it just makes us ignore it altogether - putting it in the 'too hard basket' and leaving it there for as long as we can get by with doing that.

Especially when it comes to toxins. I could sit here and list all of the places we are being exposed to toxins that are making us sick - and it would scare the pants off you. Or you might be able to separate yourself from the problem and think 'that doesn't affect me' - a decent coping mechanism.

But that doesn't really HELP you. Those toxins are there, in your life everyday. Yes, YOU. But when you really 'get' that, and then start to see ALL of the places these toxins are, it's so easy to think 'well, we're fucked!' and then not do anything.

It feels like too much.

Fixing all of these things at once - getting the toxins out of your food & environment, detoxing your body, getting hyper nutrition, finding food that you're body actually likes - it seems like too much.

And it is, when all you have is information overload from blogs, podcasts, youtube videos - they are great at pointing out the problem, but rarely at pointing out STEPS that you can take to FIX it.

You don't need more information - you need SOLUTIONS.

I feel like you're giving me solutions to my problems.

"Wanted to say a big thank you for this course! It is FANTASTIC! I feel like you're giving me solutions to my problems. You've even given me an easy to find squatty potty! It looks like you'll be giving us everything we ever wanted to know to truly become our own doctor and finally regain our health as well as you've already given us everything we ever (never) wanted to know about coffee enemas. I love your lightheartedness and sense of humor. Your're a bright ray of sunshine! The course is very easy to follow and very clear. You present information in a very logical manner. I can tell you enjoy writing! I like the short videos about topics and we don't become overwhelmed. I like the slides or written reports following the videos that I can easily go back to for a quick reference to it. I know you've put a LOT OF WORK and TIME in preparing this course and I'm sure I can speak for others as to how we are so enjoying it."

- Jeanne Marie

I really enjoyed it and have found it extremely useful!

"I am generally very health conscious and have been experimenting with various dietary changes over the past two years, however, I have felt confused and frustrated and missing some pieces for a while now. DDD has provided a lot of extremely useful information and strategies which I am now implementing in my life. I am hoping that I will start seeing detox results eventually 🙂
I would recommend it to others because it is really comprehensive, well prepared and heaps and heaps of extremely useful information and tools. Just a big Thank You for the hard work you've put into the program! I really enjoyed it and have found it extremely useful! I have gone through all the content and am now gradually implementing the strategies into my daily life."

- Magda

MODULE 1: AWAKE - Kicking up the Dirt

  • Juicing for hyper nutrition flooding your body and cleaning out the toxins from your cells.
  • The only two juicing recipes that you'll ever need (that I used to heal)
  • How to get MORE nutrition out of the same amount of juice with some simple tweaks (and save $$ on produce!)
  • How to make the most important decision you'll ever make in your life: which juicer to buy!
  • How to get 60% more nutrients from the same amount of food with this one switch.
  • How to reduce your pesticide exposure by 90% in just 7 days.
  • The toxic type of food that is in 60-70% of food products that you MUST remove in order to heal.
  • The TRIED & TRACKED method to use to figure out which foods, strategies and supplements are working for you and what is not. Take the guessing work out and TALK to your body to figure out what it loves and what it doesn't.

MODULE 2: CLEAR - Drain the dirty tub

  • Step-by-step videos and checklists for doing coffee enemas
  • I dispel all the myths about coffee enemas, and help you get the courage to do them and feel safe about it.
  • Everything you need to know BEFORE starting coffee enemas - common mistakes and things you need to know.
  • Things you need checklist for coffee enemas (including the exact enema bucket and coffee you need!)
  • How to set up your new enema kit
  • The coffee recipe + how to make the coffee
  • Coffee enema walkthrough - from making the coffee all the way to having a shower! (Totally pants-on-PG, of course!) Before, during and after instructions.
  • Troubleshooting and tricks: what to do when you can't hold an enema, when it won't release, and for all the possible scenarios that can happen!
  • FAQ's: When to do CE's, how often to do CE's and more
  • What to do to make the most of CE time.
  • The one thing you MUST make sure you do while doing coffee enemas (the Golden Ratio!)
  • The chemicals in the water that are making you sick and what type of water to drink and filter to use to get them out!
  • Detoxing symptoms and what to expect while you're detoxing and healing - and how to tell the difference between detoxing and getting worse!
  • How to handle detoxing symptoms and healing reactions.

MODULE 3: SPARK - Bring in the clean up crew

  • Using BINDERS to clean up toxins that are released and to enhance detox AND minimise detox reactions.
  • My 4 favourite binders: zeolite, clay, chlorella and activated charcoal. Plus when and how to use them for maximum effectiveness.
  • Why the #1 toxic threat in your home is cleaning products.
  • What to replace cleaning and laundry products with - list of safe brands + DIY CLEANING RECIPES EBOOK!
  • Deep emotional detoxing - how to uncover and process emotional toxins, and how this works synergistically with physical detoxing and things like coffee enemas.

MODULE 4: VIBRANT - Break a sweat

  • Why sweating is ESSENTIAL for detoxing (but not through exercising!)
  • The type of sauna to use to detoxify the nasty bioaccumulating toxins - sweat is the only way to remove certain toxins like PCB’s, dioxins, phthalates and VOC’s
  • How to wake up and activate the SKIN so it can sweat again
  • How this type of sauna can speed up healing in the body by increasing blood flow, decongesting organs, killing off pathogens and parasites and draining the lymph system.
  • We go through and detox your kitchen, getting rid of hidden toxic exposures in everyday cooking equipment + KITCHEN DETOX CHECKLIST
  • Toxic metals: what they are, where they're hiding, how to avoid them and how to detox them!
  • What are most people eating and drinking every day without even knowing it? PLASTIC POISON! Why plastic is poisonous + how to avoid plastic as much as possible!
  • PARASITES are the hidden epidemic that you probably don't even know you have. How to detox these nasty little critters out (without harsh herbs!).

MODULE 5: ENERGIZED - Supporting detox strategies

  • All the smaller supporting detox strategies that are cheap, quick and simple and can help gently support detoxification
  • How and when to do: oil pulling, body brushing, guasha, rebounding and colonics
  • The TWO detoxifying herbs to include in your diet that pull out heavy metals
  • How and when to do clay packs and castor oil packs for detoxing
  • We go on a toxic tour of your home and bedroom and look at all the surprising and hidden places that toxins are lurking and how to remove them
  • The 5 toxic drinks that are bringing in toxins and are STOPPING detoxification
  • The best detoxifying drinks that HELP detoxification

MODULE 6: ALIVE - The missing pieces

  • The "missing piece" nutrients your probably deficient in that you NEED so you can detox
  • The 3 supplements that help you to detox
  • We go on a toxic tour of your bathroom, beauty cabinet and personal care items!
  • How to replace your toothpaste, deodorant, soap, hair dye, perfume, shampoo & conditioner and make-up with non-toxic options!
  • Why the air in your home is 2-5 times more polluted than the air immediately outside according to the EPA - and how to fix it.
  • The THREE biggest toxic threats in the home and how to detox them
  • The SIX toxic foods you're probably eating and how to switch them to non-toxic versions

The essential juicing recipe that you need to heal. I only use a few recipes for juicing that are designed to heal - no need to complicate things!

A collection of simple, healing and detoxing recipes!

Simply DIY recipes for natural cleaning (they are so simple that even I use them!). Plus I also give a list of my top natural product recommendations if you can't be bothered to DIY.

Every week you'll get new videos with lessons, workshops, tutorials and demos showing you EXACTLY what to do. No fluff, no filler - just what you need to know and what action steps you need to take next.

LIVE weekly webcasts (you will SEE and HEAR me!). I'll answer all the groups questions and give you key strategies for that weeks content. There's 4 of these webcasts.

Your detox adventure buddies are waiting for you inside the Facebook group now! This is the Facebook forum where we all hang out, answer each other Q's and give each other feedback and encouragement in real time.


Weekly face-to-face videos explaining what's coming up that week.


Weekly video lessons, tutorials, demo's and workshops!


Checklists, recipes, worksheets and templates each week to implement the strategies!


LIVE group coaching webcasts, to ask questions and get feedback.

How much is all of this worth to you?

To get rid of the brain fog? To be able think clearly again?

To get your energy back?

To get your health back?

To feel better? To feel good again?

To feel normal again?

To start detoxing and get the crap out of your body that's blocking you from vibrant health?

To stop being scared of doing the wrong thing and know exactly what's working for you?

To be able to achieve the things you want to achieve - to study or to start that business or be promoted?

To move forward in your life and get back to LIVING?

To have a healthy baby or to be there for your kids and fully engage?

To live life the way you want to be living it?

To come alive again?

I don't know about you, but to me that is priceless.

My 1:1 coaching packages start at $947.

All of the modules in this course are worth $100's on their own - the coffee enema module, the juicing module, the toxblocks module, the deeper detoxing module - and that's not even scratching the surface of all the content in here.

Plus the recipes and meditations - my exact food and mental strategies that I used to heal.

Plus the Facebook group, which is priceless - having a 24/7 hour support system where you can go and get your questions answered.

AND the weekly webcasts to get your questions answered by me, and some extra motivation and accountability!

You get ALL of this for one payment of $147 (seriously!).

  • If you're so ready to finally feel good again
  • If you know you need to detox to heal your body
  • You've tried everything else and it hasn't worked
  • You're ready to get serious about healing
  • You're scared but willing
  • You want to get better more than anything else in the world
  • You're sick of the breakdowns and you're ready for your breakthrough
  • You're ready to change your focus from finding the 'one thing' to looking at the bigger healing picture
  • The thought of figuring all of this out yourself overwhelms the heck out of you
  • You're not a researcher and need hand holding
  • Sick of getting nowhere fast with the fads, gurus and regurgitated wellness info
  • Want to take a big leap forward in your health
  • You need cheerleading, motivation and support to stay on track
  • You know you've reached your toxic tipping point and that you need to focus on detoxing
  • There's nothing more soul destroying than staying stuck and miserable in your current health state, and it gets harder to get out of every day you stay there
  • You know you need to take BIG action to get BIG results and you're ready to rumble
  • You're ready to feel that feeling of amazing and vibrant health, and feel the unlimited possibilities for the future (it's an incredible feeling, let me tell ya!)
  • You're really not willing to step outside your comfort zone and try anything new
  • You're not willing to put any time for effort into your health
  • You're already in perfect health and feel amazing everyday
  • You don't believe detoxing will help you
  • You don't like my personality or I annoy you - it's cool, we don't have to like everyone!
  • You want a one-size-fits-all, iron clad detox plan

Who the heck am I and what am I doing here?

Hey there! If we haven't officially met, my name is Shae.

I'm a certified holistic health coach and I write over at Happy Healing.

More importantly - I've healed myself.

I've had the experience of all the ups and downs. I know what it's like.

I was diagnosed with celiac at 21 years old, and became sicker and sicker in the years that followed. I became so interested in holistic wellness and healing, that I studied to be a health coach in 2014.

But nothing trumps in-the-ring EXPERIENCE. Nothing beats hitting wall after wall, breakdowns and breakthroughs and the obsessive researching of someone whose life depends on it. NOTHING.

I've been in the trenches. But I've also got the qualifications and certification to back it up!

It took me 5 years to figure out how to heal - because no one else is sharing this information.

Nothing was working, and so I kept researching.

Detoxing was my first big breakthrough, diet was next and then the deep emotional stuff. With all of these pieces, I had the full puzzle, and I was finally able to heal.





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